COVID 19 and its Effect on Our Supply Chain

First, I hope you are all happy, safe and healthy during these difficult times. We are fortunate to live in a rural area where the population is taking the precautions to keep the cases of COVID 19 down. 

And thank you to all who have placed orders in spite of the uncertainty of the world around us. You’ve helped us pay the bills and buy supplies to keep going. Every order was a ray of sunshine for this small business owner. 

No one ever said running a small business is easy. Small business owners are the bookkeeper, marketing professional, buyer/supply chain manager, CEO, janitor, shipping department, and in my case, the manufacturer. Hours are long, and blend into family life. 

It’s the gig I chose and have no regrets. 

As a small business, I also don’t have large sums of capital for huge inventory, pay, or much anything else. The economic shutdown has taken a strain on all of us. So in March, when the signs were pointing to quarantine for COVID 19, I had to pick and choose what I could stock up on. And that was determined by what my suppliers had, as other countries were already in quarantine for a month and the supply chain was already showing stress here. 

Here’s the deal: 
  • Packaging – The container/packaging industry is currently wiped out. Boats that were supposed to arrive in May, changed to June, changed to July. So our container pour shaving soaps are in three different containers right now. Good news is, I have a shipment of 81 mm containers coming this week. On the aftershave front, we’re trying to track down orifice reducers and caps. We ran out and have been looking for a supplier. 
  • Ingredients – Our suppliers are currently shipping 2-3 weeks out. We’re trying to get ahead of this when we have the capital to do so. However, currently the main component in our Bay Rhum scent is out of stock until a date TBD. We won’t compromise on our scents and ingredients. 
  • Shipping Times – USPS has been doing a great job in spite of being short staffed. It may take a little longer for you to get your package, as they are routing through different hubs. And FEDEX and UPS may take longer as there are less flights. We’ll get our orders out as quickly as we can, but understand once it leaves our hands it’s beyond our control.

Inventory will be fluctuating, as we find ourselves waiting for ingredients and packaging. Our soaps take six weeks to cure, and several will be onboarding in two weeks. If you are looking for a specific item and I am out of stock, check out our retail partners – all small business owners who can use a boost too. 

Be assured, I’m working as hard as I can to try to keep things normal in an abnormal world. 

Thank you for the support (and often kind words) you have sent with each and every order. It means everything. And if you, or if you have a loved one who’s worked the front lines through this crisis – thank you from all of my heart.          


  • Count me in to know when Hawkeye anything is back in stock.

    Dave Barrett
  • Please let me know when Hawkeye aftershave and soft Soap are in stock.
    Thanks, Mike

    Mike Schulte
  • Great products made by hand in WI, I really like the hunting lodge shave puck. 10/10 would buy again.

    Sid Nowak
  • Please let me know when the Hawkeye Soaps will be back in Stock, Both Liquid and Bar, Thanks Curt

    Curt Hanna

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